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  • 8 tips to ensure better social protection for freelancers

    Today, there are 900,000 digital freelancers in France (IT developers, graphic designers, consultants, etc.)* and 3.6 million independent workers in all sectors. Unfortunately, self-employed workers do not enjoy the same rights as salaried workers in terms of social protection. However, rest assured it is possible to

  • Web 3: Is the new internet paradigm shift here?

    Dismissed by some as a simple marketing concept, considered to be the future of the web by others, Web 3 is the subject of many tech boardrooms and corner bar debates. This concept can be defined more as a work-in-progress than a clearly agreed upon definition. So what is Web 3 all about? Will it change our

  • No code: a trend set to continue ?

    Over the last few years, “no-code” practices have been gaining momentum, and even becoming the tool-of-choice for organizations and companies that consider them to be a quick and simple solution to meet their objectives. In an increasingly connected and demanding labor market and at a time when remote work, online

  • How to set up a multidimensional strategy and achieve your goals as a freelancer?

    As a freelancer, it is normal to have a wide range of interests, hobbies, and passions but when it comes to picking a career path, you may find yourself overwhelmed. You may end up feeling scattered, and not sure about how to choose between multiple projects. This feeling can prevent you from taking action, due to a

  • How to recognise and conquer the infamous Imposter Syndrome

    Imposter syndrome can be loosely defined as a lack of confidence in your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It affects around 70% of the population, both women and men. Freelancers who very often work alone, or who, if they are part of a team, are frequently considered to be either“newcomers – first leavers' ', are

  • Comet Mentor: 8 tips to find your first tech missions

    Finding your first mission can be difficult, especially if you're just starting out. But once you've reached that threshold of your first job, your confidence and credibility gradually improve. Here are some tips for IT juniors from Comet Mentor Abderrahmen Maiza. Top 8 tips to find your first tech mission Create a

  • Tech-Data Freelancing fairs better when it comes to pay parity… sort of

    Tech and data freelancing is an uphill battle for women, a majority of whom do not sustain a long-term career in the field. Yet for those who do, freelancing in this field is one of the few where the pay difference is less than in the general private sector and where women can receive similar or even comparatively

  • The eight tools your freelancer survival toolbox

    Although freelancing is the new dominant force in the job market, and this is especially true for tech and data—with a majority of the best profiles now preferring this mode of working, it’s not always a clear path to navigate. From administration, finding clients and assignments, to networking and consistently

  • Can freelancers meet 360° IT needs, including long term missions?

    The short answer: Yes! The long answer companies now need to be working with Freelancers is they are to remain competitive in today’s (and tomorrow’s) industry landscape. Traditional thinking had freelancers reserved for specific and short-term missions and ESN workers for longer-term projects, has become totally