Towards a Sustainable Future

Comet is firmly committed to a process of social and environmental responsibility. By signing three fundamental charters, we strengthen our commitment to ethical, sustainable, and inclusive growth.


Responsible Purchasing Charter

Our membership in the Responsible Purchasing Charter underscores our determination to promote equity, transparency, and sustainability in all our supplier relationships. 

This commitment ensures that our purchasing practices support an economy that respects both individuals and the planet, thereby strengthening our ecosystem on solid ethical grounds.


Responsible Digital Charter

The Responsible Digital Charter is the cornerstone of our commitment to more efficient and conscious technology. By adopting it, we commit to optimizing our energy consumption and reducing the ecological footprint of our digital activities. This resonates with our mission to innovate responsibly, using technology to serve a greener future.

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Diversity Charter 2024

By signing the Diversity Charter 2024, Comet pledges to actively promote equal opportunities and value diversity in all its forms within our organization. This underscores our commitment to creating an inclusive work environment where every talent is recognized and valued, contributing to our collective success in a world rich in diversity.


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