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Sector Snapshot: Industry Insight Automotive

The new decade may have started under a changed paradigm for one of the world’s most traditional industries, automotive. When back in January 2020 Tesla was announced to be the highest valued automaker in US history, with an early market value of nearly $85 billion. Yet it was impossible to imagine what happened since !

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Sector snapshot: Big Box Retail 

The supermarket story? Check out our in-depth analysis and historical look at how and why this industry has evolved. Looking at future trends,  contraints and consumer desires in this increasingly competitive landscape. 


Sector Snapshot: Luxury

The luxury industry is showing us how to engage the hyper-connected consumer of today, without compromising brand DNA. Our latest paper provides a snapshot of a sector thrown into the digitalised future. 


Sector snapshot: Retail banking

Security. Customer acquisition. Neobanks. New technologies. An ultra-connected consumer who expects a seamless experience. The pressure is on. Our latest paper provides a snapshot of a sector surfing the rapids of disruption.


IT Freelancers: The Comet community in numbers 🇫🇷

From experiences, preferences and passions to technologies and average daily rates: find a summary of 585 freelance developers’ responses.
[In French only]


Why and how to work with tech & data freelancers 🇫🇷

The actionable tips and testimonials included in this resource provide you with the insight into how best to work with freelancers.[In French only]


Future of workplace: inspiration for innovative pioneers 🇫🇷

Uncover the trends for the future of work: remote, freelance and more.
[In French only]


Hello World! 2019 Technology leaders 🇫🇷

Created in association with Tech Rocks, this guide brings together advice from leading CTOs and technology pioneers.
[In French only]


A New Level of Efficiency with Freelancer Flash Teams

Our new world needs new ways of working. Organizations are now able to meet a previously out-of-reach set of complex goals...on-time and on-budget. Understand how the latest research out of Stanford University has allowed us to push boundaries.

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Sector Snapshot: telecommunications operators

Telecommunications operators have been forced to change business models from connection to content based, while 2020 has only upped the pressure to innovate. Our latest paper provides a snapshot of a sector thrown into a pandemic-fueled future.


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