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  • Ethical freelancing: Oxymoron, utopian ideal or a pillar of tomorrow’s world of work?

    Here at Comet we’ve always striven to do right by our freelancers, not (just) because we understand where they might be coming from -many of us have worked in not-at-all-human centric ESNs, so called meat-market sellers or body shopping, and not (just) because our business-model depends on a sustainable ecosystem of

  • Can freelancers meet 360° IT needs, including long term missions?

    The short answer: Yes! The long answer companies now need to be working with Freelancers is they are to remain competitive in today’s (and tomorrow’s) industry landscape. Traditional thinking had freelancers reserved for specific and short-term missions and ESN workers for longer-term projects, has become totally

  • Trends and possibilities post-Covid for the Tech & Data freelance community

    Searching for clues to the future of freelance As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella noted back in April 2020 “we’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. Looking across the Atlantic to the US, where they are months ahead of us here in France, with a vaccination rate of about four-times and a head

  • Women in Tech Unite

    In technology's early days women played a major role. And in many ways they are to be recognised as innovators and initiators. Which is why it’s so hard to understand why they have seemingly traded their pioneer status for that of invisibility, leaving the light shine to shine on their male counterparts. Check out the

  • Administrative & Commercial Portage, why Comet?

    The company-expert win-win for tomorrow’s world of work Transiting into a new world of work where freelancers and big businesses work together on innovative projects, is no longer just a utopian ideal. An increasing number of experts, namely freelancers are integrating into important companies and bringing their

  • GRTgaz: heating up digital transformation with Comet

    Gas in France is a hot topic. Under the landmark environmental accord, the Paris Agreement, the objective for renewable gas is to account for 10% of gas consumption by 2030, with a view to limiting global warming to 2°C by 2050. Thus demanding an acceleration of the development and distribution of renewable gas. Yet

  • Ready to build: a new future for work

    Hypergrowth can make it easy to confuse speed with haste. Comet is my first company and I can admit that beginners' mistakes have been made. But throughout these challenging times our greatest strength has been learning to bounce back and know how to best surround ourselves. Whether it's thanks to the team’s

  • 2021 & beyond : 8 skills for your technology toolbox

    Over half of companies worldwide struggle to find digital talent. A trend that is only slated to continue, thanks to the continual expansion in the skill sets needed to design, build and integrate software. With over 350 different tech skills represented by our community of over 8500 active freelancers here at Comet

  • Why omni-channel retail is supported better by a non-traditional workforce

    The merging of online and offline in retail has well surpassed the multi-channel stage where products, information, advertising and branding was blindly diffused from all and any means available. From give-aways to pop up stores to print posters on highways, the traditional one-way diffusion model and it’s