In the field of transport and logistics, digitalization is a decisive competitive advantage. By combining information sharing and data processing expertise, time-consuming operations can be optimized. Yet despite the opportunities offered by increasingly sophisticated technology, companies are faced with the shortage of digital talent, and therefore must redouble their efforts to integrate the best profiles into their teams in order to remain competitive in the market. The start-up Upply relies on a friendly corporate culture, which finds its strength in a hybrid Data and IT team, made up of internal employees and freelancers. In order to have the best skills, in the right place and at the right time, the company has chosen to rely on the expertise of Comet.


Launched back in 2018, Upply combines transport expertise and data science to provide freight and supply chain professionals with a digital solution to benchmark and anticipate freight transport prices. This digital platform for transport professionals helps shippers, carriers and freight forwarders in their decision-making. Based on the data collected and business expert aumen, Upply also publishes market insights and deciphers the challenges of the sector in complete neutrality.


Working with hybrid teams is part of Upply's DNA. In this sector that can struggle to attract the right profiles because it is perceived not as well known as than other industries, and given the tension of the current market, creating Data and IT teams with those only on permanent contracts has become almost impossible.

“At Upply, we are completely aligned with the evolution of the market. The vast majority of talents who stand out in data and IT are now freelancers, especially since COVID, where most experts (developers, data scientists, data engineers) have gone out on their own in order to access shorter missions, from anywhere and have more freedom at work, says Florent Laval, CTO of Upply.

To deal with this, Upply has always called on freelancers,who have been tasked both on specific missions and to meet growing development demand.“We work with humans, not categories of services. Our externs are therefore completely integrated into the company and have access to the same onboarding and the same level of information which facilitates their integration and understanding of our company’s main challenges. For example, they can access all of our company events (workshops, seminars or company events).  We believe that a pleasant, caring work environment which allows employees and freelancers to work hand in hand is in the best interest of our company, explains Florent Laval.


In order to surround itself with the best Data and IT experts to support its growth, the company has carried out in-depth research on the various sourcing market players. And it is with Comet that Upply has been actively collaborating since the beginning of 2022.

“By testing Comet, I immediately had a very good fit with Théo, Comet's account manager, who offered me very qualitative profiles. What I appreciate about Comet is the quality of Tech profiles at each level, I know that I won’t have any surprises in the interview. It’s a real paradigm shift for us in terms of sourcing,” comments Florent Laval.

Since this first exchange, Upply has gone through Comet to recruit Back-End Developers, Front-End Developers, a DevOps and a QA team for assignments of at least six months. 

“We have gone from a rate of 5 to 10% of face-to-face (in office work) to 85-90% of face-to-face in 6 months for our freelancers, which is a real sign of good health and the dynamics of Upply, where the ambiance enhanced by the great quality of the work,” continues Florent Laval.

Key project

Upply wants to launch new functionality for its digital marketplace. 

To carry out this project, nicknamed Phoenix, Upply has sourced a Senior Back-End Developer, member of the Comet freelance community, to help Upply's Back-End Lead Dev. They work together building data models with Upply Cloud Architects and Engineers. “With the arrival of this Comet resource, I expect a lot of challenges and discussions. This is the advantage of having a hybrid team: internally, we already have an extremely strong Technical Lead. A freelancer will bring his experience in terms of processes and best practices. The idea is to allow exchanges and to increase the productivity of the teams,” describes Florent Laval.   


A real affinity has been created between the Upply and Comet teams since the beginning of their collaboration. “We feel like we are more agile than before. The inter-team atmosphere has also improved, with an increased feeling of goodwill.” concludes Florent Laval.

The idea is therefore to continue the relationship with Comet over the long term.

 What's next for Upply?

Successfully launch the new marketplace functionality planned by the end of the year, preserve and strengthen the company's research and development DNA, and become the Supply Tech standard by 2023. Ambitions that Comet will take to heart, by supporting them in order to accompany this awesome business model that combines transport, digital, agility and benevolence.