The company-expert win-win for tomorrow’s world of work

Transiting into a new world of work where freelancers and big businesses work together on innovative projects, is no longer just a utopian ideal. An increasing number of experts, namely freelancers are integrating into important companies and bringing their expertise for as long as needed, under an on-demand and agile model most adapted to cater to today’s connected consumer. Yet for many big companies reaping the benefits isn’t quite as easy as it could be. At Comet we are dedicated to creating a more efficient work environment. We want to tackle not only the challenge of connecting experts and projects, but enabling them to work optimally together. This is why we've decided to bring more awareness to our administrative and commercial portage offer, CometConnect. This solution brings together our increasing number of clients from some of the biggest companies in Europe, for example we now work with 33% of the CAC40 and 120 companies listed on the stock exchange (SBF Société des Bourses Françaises),  and our Comet DNA: creating a fulfilling and secure work experience for freelancers.

Time Consuming Constraints & Challenges

For some of the bigger companies, the number of consultants from IT consulting companies, who are increasingly being replaced by more efficient and driven independent freelancers,  can literally mean thousands of people. An increasing number of teams are composed of  both employees and exterior experts. However, a feeling of inaccessibility persists both among freelancers and at the same time among companies given the complex administrative procedures, processes specific to large companies which often makes it impossible to work with freelancers. This is how IT services companies / ESNs were born 50 years ago, quickly controlled by the referencing processes. This process led by the purchasing departments allows large groups to work with a reduced and exclusive range of partner companies, by referencing them. This solution has a number of constraints, as it means only referred partners are able to work with the company in question. And because the referral process in itself is long, the pool of referred partners doesn’t change very often. So companies are constrained to work with the same partners. A contradiction against the very principles of agility that they adopted in parallel, ending up with exactly the same problem they were trying to avoid by working with contractors:  non-adapted skill-sets and a stagnant and tired workforce. 

A Single Solution

By referencing a single supplier companies are able to work with the individuals based on their skills and expertise, while still respecting all the often mandatory referencing procedures. Comet may not be the only company that offers this service, but we are certainly unique, because we’re coming at it from another perspective. The fact is that company’s workforces are increasingly freelance, and this is predominant in tech & data. Yet the paperwork to embrace this new paradigm is massively complex and time consuming. This is why Comet the freelance management specialist, is now focusing on our portage offer.

Freelancer first

We’re freelancers first, so the experts that we “port” are better taken care of.  We offer them a complete support package, end-of-month payments, insurance cover and a rich community of peer-support and perks. This means companies end up working with more fulfilled and engaged experts. Who start quickly, are motivated, and secure in the knowledge that their dedicated account manager will be on the lookout for their next best project when the current one is completed. And because our pricing is fixed and transparent it means the experts are getting more in their pocket, without numerous middlemen taking a cut.

Company Care

On the company side, CometConnect goes beyond portage, to offer all the time-consuming administrative aspects that make HR, rightly, shy away from working with new faces. This complete administrative toolbox includes contracting, KYC, payment, mission follow-up (CRA), economical-dependance avoidance, billing and full legal coverage of up to 10 million euros to protect both experts and companies if needed, at no additional cost. It’s  a unique and secure framework to manage all your projects on a single interface to allow our client companies to work with the right expert for each project, without making any changes to their organization. 

Our changing world of work, which has been fast forwarded change over the last year because of the COVID  19 global pandemic, means remote and contract work are the new normal. So why let potential working collaborations be limited by administrative procedures, when the experts are ready and willing and the paperwork has been taken care of? 

Check out the CometConnect offer here: CometConnect