Rely on real technical and functional expertise


Trusted expertise at the intersection of the challenges of your specific industry, the constantly shifting IT landscape and your need for heightened agility. 


Move ahead with your IT project within an optimised project audit, scoping and framework.

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#01 - Control

Tailored solutions for high-level project management.

From large scale implementation projects to fast-paced agile solutions. Get input from the right IT or management expert input at the right moment.  We’ll assess different technology strategies to best align your IT with your business & process strategies. And support IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning.



#02 - Track

What’s the next step? The first step?  The final impact

Benefit from a better project visibility before it begins, with the latest technologies and expert input to optimise your roadmap, management and budget while identifying and mitigating risks and challenges specific to your sector, project and context.



#03 - Master

Discover insights so you can provide the solutions

Identify fresh perspective and concrete solutions for emergent, problematique or in-scope mode projects to achieve beyond the possible. CometScope allows you to assess IT needs and formulate system implementation plans, through advisory services that combine strategic plans and knowledge of emerging technologies to create the logical design of the system and the supporting infrastructure to meet customer requirements.



#04 - Secure

The advantages


Agility first

Thanks to our freelancer focus at Comet we are exposed to and at the forefront of new processes, technologies and languages, we are able to share this insight with our Scope clients.


Cross Market Advantage

Thanks to our mix of the most innovative and established clients at Comet we are at the forefront of market trends and competitive advantages, we drawn on this unique cross industry expertise to offer deeper analysis and solutions.


Tailored to your needs

In line with our on-demand stance and transparent positioning, your unique Scope solutions are designed to fit your need, timeline and budget. We keep it simple so you can keep it agile.


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