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  • Web 3: Is the new internet paradigm shift here?

    Dismissed by some as a simple marketing concept, considered to be the future of the web by others, Web 3 is the subject of many tech boardrooms and corner bar debates. This concept can be defined more as a work-in-progress than a clearly agreed upon definition. So what is Web 3 all about? Will it change our

  • No code: a trend set to continue ?

    Over the last few years, “no-code” practices have been gaining momentum, and even becoming the tool-of-choice for organizations and companies that consider them to be a quick and simple solution to meet their objectives. In an increasingly connected and demanding labor market and at a time when remote work, online

  • Pioneering a freelancer-fueled Future of Work : STIME DSI Groupement Les Mousquetaires and Allianz France set the standard

    Here at Comet our goal is to build a more fulfilling, more agile and more innovative world of work. We are convinced that this new world will be fueled by freelancers and supported by enterprises that nurture and understand this new working landscape. In line with this vision for the first edition of our Best

  • How to recognise and conquer the infamous Imposter Syndrome

    Imposter syndrome can be loosely defined as a lack of confidence in your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It affects around 70% of the population, both women and men. Freelancers who very often work alone, or who, if they are part of a team, are frequently considered to be either“newcomers – first leavers' ', are

  • Administrative & Commercial Portage, why Comet?

    The company-expert win-win for tomorrow’s world of work Transiting into a new world of work where freelancers and big businesses work together on innovative projects, is no longer just a utopian ideal. An increasing number of experts, namely freelancers are integrating into important companies and bringing their

  • GRTgaz: heating up digital transformation with Comet

    Gas in France is a hot topic. Under the landmark environmental accord, the Paris Agreement, the objective for renewable gas is to account for 10% of gas consumption by 2030,  with a view to limiting global warming to 2°C by 2050. Thus demanding an acceleration of the development and distribution of renewable gas.  Yet

  • 2021 & beyond : 8 skills for your technology toolbox

    Over half of companies worldwide struggle to find digital talent. A trend that is only slated to continue, thanks to the continual expansion in the skill sets needed to design, build and integrate software. With over 350 different tech skills represented by our community of over 8500 active freelancers here at Comet

  • Why omni-channel retail is supported better by a non-traditional workforce

    The merging of online and offline in retail has well surpassed the multi-channel stage where products, information, advertising and branding was blindly diffused from all and any means available. From give-aways to pop up stores to print posters on highways, the traditional one-way diffusion model and it’s

  • No-code / Low-code : the what

    No-code is a set of digital tools that allow non-technical people to make websites or applications without having to program / code. No-code platforms were first popularized by companies like Bubble and Squarespace and more. ⇒  Why use no-code? For its ease of use and execution. No-code offers many advantages to