"I took the leap into freelancing and have zero regrets."

We took the time to chat with Nicolas Laverre, a 50-year old freelancer who seized the opportunity to break into a more agile way of working...and hasn’t looked back. He is currently focusing his impressive skill set, experience and motivation on a intricate project at French banking giant BNP Paribas.

“Before becoming a freelancer in my, I was a team manager in a large IT consulting company. I led a team of 10 people in the IT operations and scheduling field.”

“After 17 years at the company, I took advantage of a voluntary departure plan that allowed me to take a step back and think about what I wanted to do. At the time, I'd been reading articles and reports about entrepreneurship, but until that moment I wasn’t ready to take any risks, but having a redundancy plan gave me the opportunity to take the plunge. ”

“It was at that moment that I was contacted by Comet informing me that they were looking for an Autosys expert. This was an area where I had already honed my expertise, by implementing scheduling for a large group with this specific tool. And as the contract was for one year, it gave me visibility to get into freelancing with confidence.”

“The client I work for today, BNP Paribas, really has the attitude I was looking for. They don’t hesitate to give us responsibilities, autonomy, and are always open to suggestions for improvement.”

Technologies and skills:

  • Workload Automation Autosys Edition
  • Linux Administration
  • Scripting (Bash and a bit of Python)


  • Team leader in scheduling (Production)
  • Application integrator.

Mission: Migration of a major application for the client.

Company: BNP Paribas CIB

Position: Autosys Expert

Project Objective: 

Make the Autosys application available to the infrastructure: install it, update it and manage incidents.


Meet the needs of the APS teams and the infrastructure by providing Autosys instances (production, staging and development) for the different countries of the EMEA region, according to a schedule punctuated by installations, DRPs and releases ( Go Live).nRespond to specific needs, advise and analyze queries from APS and DEV, investigate incidents, report activity to managers.


Consolidate anomalies or incidents with follow-up documents that can be translated into a BASH script in order to perform pre / post installation checks and to check the correct functioning of the scheduler.


This leads to better stability and responsiveness in incident resolution, advice and expertise.


  • Autosys continuous learning.
  • Personal learning: json / yaml, docker, Ansible, ELK, Postgres / Oracle, Linux administration, Python.
  • I am currently taking English reinforcement courses.

“I feel really supported by Comet, my in-house colleagues as well as the Comet freelancer community, we feel like we have each other's backs and we help each other. I feel like I got lucky in this regard, surrounded by a great team.”

“Being freelance we are forced to take more control and have more responsibility for ourselves, compared to being an employee. It encourages continuous training, maintaining and increasing of networks and knowledge to be constantly informed of new technologies, work organization, market trends in order to be able to offer the best expertise to our clients. It is for me an enrichment. A source of satisfaction that has me heading into a future world of IT that is in perpetual evolution and transformation.”