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Two out of every three projects are late due to a lack of talent. Stop wasting time searching for the right skills. With cometBoost, staffing projects is child's play.

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Simply the best

Our entire elastic workforce has been vetted according to our stringent standards. From interviews to technical testing, hard and soft skills evaluations, references and more, each freelancer is checked, qualified into our system, ranked and rated.



#02 - Speed

Find today, we start tomorrow

In 2018, 70% of digital job offers remained unfilled. Our talent community of qualified experts are available risk-free, on-demand and in less than 24 hours.

In today’s economy, time is worth more than money. We are the fastest on the market.




#03 - Saving

Real savings

Pay for talent, and only talent. Unlike computer engineering and services companies, such as SSIIs, we don’t charge anything extra or over the minimum commission. Our transparent and digressive system allows you to save up to 65% (not applicable to Average Daily Rate).



#05 - Compliance

The highest level of compliance


#06 - Human

You're in expert hands

Technology alone is not enough. We believe it’s through the human that real transformation can be sustained. You can rely on the reactivity of your Account Manager at all times. A true co-pilot to help you find the best profiles, launch projects faster than ever before and keep track of your missions.



#07 - Clients

Our clients are talking about us


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